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Welcome to where supply = demand

We design as we live, thoughtfully. Our story is simple- We source luxury materials made from natural fibers from regional suppliers. We keep our supply chain very tight and localized. Did you know that all of our materials are surplus or reclaimed? We refuse to contribute to any scheme of mass production by buying reams of new fabrics and producing our items on a large-scale (ick). Many fabrics are tossed aside when they still have potential for life! It breaks our hearts and we love our earth dearly, so by supporting us, you're supporting this grande rescue mission. 

We Take Custom Requests

Gemme items can always be re-created in varying colours and materials. so once you fall in love with a piece, please send us an email at GEMMEATELIER@GMAIL.COM

Some fabrics’ hand and colour may vary slightly depending on fabric availability, but we hold our fabric sourcing to luxury standards.

Craftsmanship + Community

Please allow us up to 30 days to complete a standard order as we also source our seamstresses and tailors locally. This is one of our favourite parts, We aim to give all we can back into the community around us, we do this successfully by hiring and collaborating with other artisans. Cause, HEY! We all gotta eat, share the love! We believe in a fair distribution of revenue. All pieces are currently handmade in Berlin, Germany. 

*Gemme Atelier withholds all right to prolong the shipping date (with notice) if necessary. Customers are responsible for shipping cost and international customs tax when applicable. All sales are final.


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